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Install a Bus Detective Display

Suport public transporation in Cincinnati. Display real-time bus arrival data for Cincinnati Metro in your bar, restaurant or retail store.

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Attract Attention

Bus Detective displays start conversations and draw people into your business.

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Increase Sales

People stay longer—and buy more—if they know exactly when the bus is coming.

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Drive Foot Traffic

Encouraging bus ridership creates more foot traffic for your business.

How It Works

Become a Founding Partner with Bus Detective.

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The first 10 Founding Partner businesses will receive a tablet for $20. We'll install it at your business with the app up and running. It will display routes and arrival times for the nearest bus stops. As a partner, you're responsible for providing WiFi and display space.

Email Daniel Schleith about applying for a display

About This Project

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Bus Detective Public Displays are a People’s Liberty Project Grantee. The team behind the displays includes Daniel Schleith and Nate Wessel, graduate students and public transportation researchers, and Brad Thomas, a SORTA board member.