Install a Bus Detective Display

Suport public transporation in Cincinnati. Display real-time bus arrival data for Cincinnati Metro in your bar, restaurant or retail store.

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Attract Attention

Bus Detective displays start conversations and draw people into your business.

Increase Sales

People stay longer—and buy more—if they know exactly when the bus is coming.

Drive Foot Traffic

Encouraging bus ridership creates more foot traffic for your business.

How It Works

Become a Founding Partner with Bus Detective.

The first 10 Founding Partner businesses will receive a tablet for $20. We'll install it at your business with the app up and running. It will display routes and arrival times for the nearest bus stops. As a partner, you're responsible for providing WiFi and display space.

Email Daniel Schleith about applying for a display

About This Project

Bus Detective Public Displays are a People’s Liberty Project Grantee. The team behind the displays includes Daniel Schleith and Nate Wessel, graduate students and public transportation researchers, and Brad Thomas, a SORTA board member.